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“Our industry is the engine of business growth.”

Jahid Fazal-Karim

Owner and Chairman of the Board

A forecast isn’t ever a certainty, but with demand having reached unprecedented levels last year, we can continue to be confident about the health of our industry. The driving factor is the corporate buyer – who roared back to life in 2022 following the pandemic hiatus. This, combined with a continued flow of new entrants to the market as well as OEM backlogs, took total pre-owned transaction values beyond our expectations. And, despite an inevitable market correction in 2023, steady growth will continue in the years ahead, setting new annual benchmarks for volume and value.


The return of the corporate buyer proved what we’ve always known: the continued importance of face-to-face interactions in the relationship world of business. And those buyers are flying more than ever. Our data shows that the share of Jetcraft buyers coming from the corporate sector reached 60% in 2022. This clearly demonstrates the value corporations and the UHNW individuals running them place on jet ownership – the more valuable their time, the more their need for business jets.


This is all positive news for our industry but as innovators and market leaders, it’s not in our nature to rest. At Jetcraft, our focus remains on market intelligence and technology. The reason we’re the best in the world comes down to two simple things: understanding the market and knowing how to interpret the data gained from every transaction. No one else in this industry can match our insight.


The Jetcraft family is always looking to grow, whether that’s raising capital to make investments or through exciting new acquisitions. Recently we’ve acquired North American aircraft broker CFS Jets, and purchased a hangar in St Paul, Minnesota. The future looks bright.


So, to our dear friends and partners we say thank you for your continued support. And now, I am proud to present our 2023 Pre-Owned Business Jet Market Forecast. 

Jahid Fazal-Karim
Owner and Chairman of the Board

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