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In Summary

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“The market should be reassured as we predict steady growth in total values will resume from their new, higher starting point.”

Chad Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

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A record year, 2021 saw total annual transaction values surpass the $14.5B threshold. Looking ahead, while we expect a small dip in the compound annual growth rate, the market should be reassured as total values see steady growth from their new benchmark.


Aircraft values are the lifeblood of our industry and a hot discussion topic as a result, and without having all of the data-based facts it’s easy to speculate that they’re increasing at an unstable rate. Our forecast shows that the industry is still acting rationally when it comes to buying and selling jets, unlike the bubble of 2007-08. Despite continued high demand and low inventory, current prices are reasonable compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Average purchase price vs share of fleet for sale

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