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The Trends

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“The business aviation markets in Southeast Asia and Australia are thriving, while Greater China, feeling the
long-term effects of Covid and regional turbulence, has become a vibrant source of aircraft for the rest of the world.” 

David Dixon
President, Jetcraft Asia

Average annual flight hours per buyer region

Average annual flight hours per owner age

The EMEA market is on the rise.

Our data shows that on average, Jetcraft buyers in EMEA now use their aircraft more than those in APAC and even the Americas, despite North America being the most mature market. This indicates EMEA’s growing interest in business aviation.


Southeast Asia and Australia are driving the demand for business aviation in the region but are behind the trend in increasing flight hours, while Greater China has become a ripe source of aircraft and sees demand for charter services increasing. During the forecast period, we don’t predict that APAC’s average flight hours will reach those of the Americas and EMEA.

Our younger business aviation buyers need global reach.

During the last five years, younger owners have used their aircraft the most, flying 19% more on average than those aged over 50. As highlighted in our last forecast, many of our younger buyers are tech entrepreneurs flying globally to carry out business, which increases their overall usage.

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