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The Numbers

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the market 


Chad Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

This year’s data shows we’re in a much-needed market correction period. Transaction 
volumes are similar to 2019 levels, while values, levelling out after the post-pandemic 
surge, remain higher than during their pre-pandemic peak.


The impact of this correction period will be significant, driving an expected 59% increase 
in total transaction value between 2019 and 2028, and bringing an estimated $70.7B 
of revenue to the industry over the next five years.


For the first time, we’re including an analysis of market dynamics in the Pre-Owned 
Business Jet Market Forecast
. As our data shows, throughout 2022-2023 the number 
of days an aircraft spent on the market decreased by almost half, as borders reopened, international travel resumed, and buyers made faster, more emotional purchase decisions 
due to increased demand.


The market did however begin its return to a more rational footing in 2023. It will 
continue to correct itself throughout 2024, before stabilizing and growing to a total 
of $15.6B annually by 2028.




Chad Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

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