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The Trends

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“Turnkey aircraft are attracting a premium in the US. A post Covid bottleneck has left limited availability at maintenance facilities, making ready-to-fly aircraft even more attractive to buyers.”

Dan Kilkeary
SVP Sales, Americas

Pre-owned transaction price ranges per segment*

The pre-owned business jet market is dynamic. This became even more true during the pandemic with demand highs and supply lows. In 2022, average transaction value increasedto $8.2m. But there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

The marketplace is more complex than ever before,
with aircraft segments now varying widely and overlapping significantly. The wide variation in prices within the segments is a result of increased demand for popular makes and models as well as ‘turnkey aircraft’, which have always attracted a premium but are especially lucrative at present due to long OEM and maintenance facility backlogs.

There is no drop in prices on the horizon. However, as supply increases and depreciation normalizes in 2024, the average transaction value is expected to gradually decrease. As always, having a specialist by your side to provide you with real-time and unbiased advice is the best way to navigate the market. 

*Six-month moving average, aircraft under five years old. Source: Jetcraft Transaction Data

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