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The Trends

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“Business aviation’s
most mature market, North America, continues to lead demand for
pre-owned business jets across the globe.”

Dan Kilkeary
SVP Sales - Americas

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more insights from Dan

We’ve seen more people turn to business aviation as commercial services have struggled both during and post-pandemic. While this has been a global trend, North America has led, with more travelers opting for the privacy and safety of a private jet, where previously they flew first class commercially. Having experienced the convenience and time-saving impact of our sector, many have chosen to move up the business aviation chain to ownership. Given low inventory and high demand realities, North American buyers have looked to other regions to source aircraft. Our global reach, now spanning more than 20 regions, enables Jetcraft to source aircraft the world over, and more efficiently move inventory to clients anywhere.

North America share of demand (in aircraft value)

Looking at pre-owned business jet values over the past decade, North America has continued to lead demand for pre-owned business jets across the globe, growing from 53% market share in 2010 to 73% in 2021 in terms of aircraft value.

The 2020-21 decrease in average from 75% to 73% was due to strong increases in activity in other regions, rather than any softening of the North American market.

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